If you have able hands, we want your help. Whether it's painting walls , teaching English classes, playing with the children or collecting donations, we need you! And so do our children. For volunteer oppertunities please contact  @CAHCC Happyland. We follow all child safety guidelines.

Recent Programs

​We have had a great year! With the help of our many friends, we have provided eleven new wells  giving the gift of clean drinking water to many in our small community. 

Mission & Vision

Our foundation (CPOC) provides a safe environment, food, clothing, medicine, education and love. We offer hope to families and their children in a place where there would otherwise be none.

Ken Puthy

Our Public School    coorinator

I have been incredibly fortunate in my life that I never had to experience the difficulties that I see  here in Cambodia. The things we take for granted, clean drinking water, schools for our children, clothes, medical attention for our loved one, a warm bed to sleep in and a roof to keep us dry. None of these basic needs are available to our families in Cambodia. My heart went out to the children and the poverty that surrounds them. I knew I had to do something. So in the past five years ,through your donations we provide daily English, Khmer and basic computer classes to more than one hundred children that live near our center, We just  completed our 5th and 6th well giving poor families the gift of clean drinking water, we buy uniforms and school supplies for many children in our community, supply food, shelter and love to our children that live at our center. We could not have done this without your compassion and support.

Please don't forget us!

We do a lot to improve life for our families in need!

Kim & Walt

Our Families

Ed Schroll

Founder of CPOC

​It takes a village!

Helping hands!

Kim Bolck


Hands on the ground