Our annual dentist visit for all of our sponsored children.

You can Sponsor a Child through School!

Caring for Poor and Orphaned Children 

CPOC's chicken farm project for our sponsored children.

During these uncertain times of global pandemic, CPOC has decided to help the families of our sponsored school children by giving each family one hundred chicken's and the supplies necessary  to raise and to sell in the future. This will certainly help with food insecurity for our children. We have also shipped google pads with internet cards for home school during these difficult times. 

These children where abandoned by their parents years ago. They live with their 81 year old grandmother who has no income and does not own land. Until we found this family and a sponsor to help with food support, they survived with the help of local villagers. Through all this hardship, the grandmother has managed to keep these children in school! The family now receives monthly food support along with school supplies and uniforms for the three children. Thank you for the Heroes who stepped up a changed their lives for the better.

You can sponsor a child through School for as little a s a dollar a day. This support makes it possible for a child to continue their education, paying for school supplies, uniforms, English classes, school lunch and even a yearly visit to the dentist. We are currently sponsoring fifteen children. Fifteen children that have a chance for a brighter future thanks to our sponsors. If your ready to be a Hero in a child's life, than please contact us for more information. You will receive regular updates on your child's progress and photo's. Email me directly at ewschroll@gmail.com  or call 253 576-2717. I hope to hear from you soon!!